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Pre-med Society
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Meetings are every Wednesday, unless otherwise noted, in the last room of the Biology Wing after school until approximately 4:30 p.m. (and definitely no later than 5:00 p.m.). Attendance will be taken at every meeting. You must be present at a mininum of 80% of the meetings in order to obtain credit (15 credits per term). Because we know everyone studies hard at Bronx Science, there are no meetings on testing weeks (e.g., Regents week). If you have any questions about attendance, please speak with our club secretary.

Because we want to encourage our club members to help others, you can volunteer to come (with the rest of the club) to help out at a local soup kitchen on Friday afternoons (after school). Volunteering at the soup kitchen looks great on your resume and on college applications. It is also required if you are intent on becoming a club officer, should there be an open position. If you are interested, please fill out the form below. Once the formed is successfully filled out and submitted, you will receive an e-mail with more detailed information about the volunteering at the soup kitchen. You can also contact our club's Public Correspondent via e-mail.

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