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Pre-med Society
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About Our Club

Pre-med Society is a club at Bronx Science for students who are interested getting involved in the medical field. However, this does not mean that this club is only for future doctors. Pre-med Society is the perfect club for anyone who loves learning. Depending on the circumstances, we will have guest speakers come in to talk about medicine, including Dr. Lateef O. Giwa, M.D., a Bronx Science biology teacher and former cardiothoracic surgeon. We will also have various demonstrations, including a fetal pig dissection. Most of our weekly meetings, however, will revolve around discussions/debates about issues in health and medicine today.


Officers for the 2006-2007 SY
Co-presidents: Rubayet Hossain, '07
     and Bing Shao, '07 (2007 Intel STS Semifinalist)
Secretary: Mengsha Chen, '07
Treasurer: Maninder Singh, '07
Volunteer Coordinator: Kevin Wong, '07
Newly-Appointed Officers
Co-Presidents: Carter Suryadevara, '09
     and Lisa Kuang, '08
Secretary: Nur Afsar, '09
Treasurer: Josepher Li, '09
Public Correspondent: Steven Lin, '10
Faculty Adviser: Ms. Alfa Choice, Biology Teacher

Appointment of Officers

New officers are appointed as needed (e.g., establishment of a new position; resignation/impeachment of a current officer). The process of becoming an officer consists of winning a majority vote in a club election, where regular members are given one (1) vote each and officers are given four (4) votes each.


Club members (including officers) can be impeached for disorderly conduct, especially such that disrupts the focus of the rest of the club. Officers who fail to uphold their responsibilities will also be impeached. The club president will impeach an officer through a consensus of the club's members and will rule with a two-thirds majority.

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